CEO's Message

Hey everyone!  We are so excited you have joined us for an evening dedicated to celebrating YOU – our most valuable asset!  We understand life can get crazy and we have designed a program to equip you with a few tips and insights to support your success in the future which will go a long way in supporting the success of Team Tresl.  Your day-to-day impact as a Tresl teammate is influenced by more than what’s happening in the workplace. That’s why we incorporate a holistic approach to your overall well-being by:

  •         Setting the foundation for stronger, more effective quality of work-life management;

  •         Developing new mindsets and behaviors to expand how we think and interact;

  •         And, Tips & insights revolving around Move, Rest, Eat offered up for you in a way that you can put them into          Action to assist in your overall success.


So tonight -- Prepare, Engage and Apply to effectively Power up!

The nickel tour of our event offers something from a variety of fun topics so, we invite you to browse each of the Tabs in the top left corner of the screen. A Sneak preview of a few highlights include:

  •         A summary of presentations tonight is outlined on the Home tab including a Welcome message from me on          the Welcome tab and our marquee speaker, Chris Johnson where you will meet up with him in the                        Auditorium tab and ending with a celebration of our most tenured associates service recognition on the                 Awards tab!

  •         We are featuring some of the Amazing Tresl Customer Experiences on the Testimonials tab.

  •         Of course, the Videos that were submitted by many of you under the Team Video tab (don’t forget to vote                from the forum tab);

  •         Goodies listed under the Resources tab;

  •         And last but not least Prizes under the MORE tab!!!! (Must be present to win)


Christine Pierson