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Tresl Award


The Tresl Award arises from our company Vision:

To empower customers to live independent, fulfilling lives by connecting them with beneficial financial resources.
The strong foundation we provide holistically to all our key stakeholders – business partners, lenders & consumers allows us to realize our company's Mission which is:

To deliver financial resources in a surprisingly efficient, informative, and compassionate manner.

These connections are realized when our amazing team members bring everything together.  It is You – our associates – and greatest asset -- who bring our Vision and Mission to reality.  One Customer at a time acting on our core values – The 5 Cs of Tresl - Character, Customer-Centricity, Compassion, Collaboration & Courage.

The Tresl Award is a metal representation of a trestle bridge which is the basis of which our company's name was inspired.  The award was created at our headquarters location here in Austin, Texas by the craftsmanship of metal artist Tyson Steinmetz.  Our associates will receive the Tresl Award at 5+, 10+ and 20+ year milestones.  We are proud to introduce our first Tresl Award recipients.

Tresl is honoring our most tenured associates in two initial categories. Ten Plus and Five Plus.  Each one of this two categories is defined by the number of years employed with Tresl from your last date of hire.  The cut off date is the event's day. which means you need to celebrate your 5 or 10th anniversary by October 30th. 

Thank you Tresl Award Recipients for all your contributions to Tresl!